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Collective Creativity
Marsha Dunn
Monday, March 20, 2017
Last year my 3-year old son and I responded to an open call to participate in an “interactive public art installation” at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center. Upon arriving, we marveled at artist Shay Church’s towering “forest” constructed out of layered laths of wood filling the lobby. In the brief onboarding that followed we—along with about two-dozen participants of all ages—received gloves, aprons and the simple instruction: cover the “trees” with clay. My son cast aside the gloves and went to work.
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David Rutley
Friday, March 3, 2017
The economy has seen significant top line growth, but consumers remain cost conscious and companies in mature industries face significant pressure to achieve savings through scale and efficiency. For companies seeking ambitious goals around cost reductions, the available levers appear limited. You can lay people off…cut professional services… close a location…terminate a product line... While it seems counter intuitive, this is the moment to hit pause and spend some time—even some money—on getting creative.
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Marsha Dunn
Friday, February 10, 2017
Think Piece
What do the salons of 18th century Paris and the format of molecular biology lab meetings in the 1990’s have to do with the culture of your organization? How is the leadership model at Pixar or eBay Germany relevant to your company’s oft-thwarted quest for innovation? The answer in the first instance: “liquid networks”; and in the second: “collective genius.”

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News and Views
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Tricia Walker
Monday, November 28, 2016
See what Graphic Facilitation Boot Camp looks like in action! This year I’ve had more and more opportunities to do the work I love, graphic facilitation, and to teach others how to use visuals in their work. Every Graphic Facilitation Boot Camp I’ve led has brought with it some new and interesting challenges, and has also shown me that anyone can benefit.