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John Colaruotolo's picture
John Colaruotolo
Thursday, May 17, 2018
Organizational leaders often wonder why their content and messaging, which they have gone to great lengths to communicate—often repeatedly, simply doesn’t “sink in.” I hear leaders voice this frustration while seeking to impart everything from cultural values to new product information. One consistent contributing factor is that people are not given the chance to play an active role in their learning process. They are not given the opportunity to engage colleagues in processing material or thinking through its implications on how they work. Enter one of my favorite tools: “Collaborative Learning Maps.”
Christina Marsh and Mason Smith's picture
Christina Marsh and Mason Smith
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
At Collective Next, we speak regularly about the importance of facilitating structural change. And typically, the structures to which we refer are organizational in nature. But, can facilitating collaborative dialogue play a key role when the structures in question are not organizational but physical – concrete, steel, and wood? In fact, large-scale building projects, such as those in corporate, institutional and academic settings, benefit immensely when diverse stakeholders are drawn together during the architectural design process. In partnership with Boston-based architecture firm, Atelier et Alia, Collective Next has been exploring opportunities to interject collaborative, facilitated moments into the visioning, design, and review phases of large-scale architectural projects.
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Katherine Gorman
Monday, April 9, 2018
Shared stories unite people. They build community. We human beings have communicated values through storytelling from our earliest times. Even as technology lets us work in increasingly distributed communities, we can still harness the medium of storytelling to draw our organizations together. We can do this by creating organizational podcasts—communal podcasts—that convey powerful stories about our collective identity. Through these commonly held narratives, we can foster a strong sense of shared purpose and belonging.
Hamilton Ray's picture
Hamilton Ray
Monday, April 2, 2018
When a well-established company undertakes a large-scale overhaul, defining their strategy is only the first step. Equally critical is inspiring new and existing leadership to embrace this change. And leaders must be armed with an understanding of how to enable the strategy and rally their teams behind it. This process of readying leadership to successfully implement a new strategy is often protracted, taking months—even years—with mixed results. This begs the question: Is there another way?
Marsha Dunn's picture
Marsha Dunn
Monday, March 19, 2018
Collective Next turns 15 this year. In honor of this momentous anniversary, we’re sharing some thoughts from our co-founders—and amazing husband and wife team—Matt Saiia and Sarah Shrimplin. I asked them recently why and how it all began, their focus in running the company, and where we might find ourselves another fifteen years from now.

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