How we do it

1. COLLABORATE at every step

Work together to design, iterate, and refine the solution with all those who may have a perspective or role in the challenge and related outcome.  We work in partnership with you to help your organization pull the right people and information together to design, develop, and execute the solution. 

2. LEARN as much as possible

We ask a lot of questions.  We challenge assumptions and existing realities, probe constraints, ask "why?" a lot and maybe more importantly "why not?".  We help you analyze many perspectives on the challenge; from customer data, competitor and industry information, to seemingly unrelated info that may stimulate the learning and design possibilities. 

3. Think like a DESIGNER

We try to balance a child-like curiosity with adult reasoning to arrive at discovery and innovation with your group as we embrace the business challenge. We call upon the principles of design thinking as we work with you to build a design that is transparent, durable, contextual and relevant to the success of the initiative. 

4. Don't lose sight of EXECUTION

We work to maintain high fidelity between the design and the plan.  Continuously checking feasibility of the solution, we rely on the three elements above working in concert to create the best plan forward.  This generally requires focus in the areas of communication, mobilization, engagement and alignment towards the the desired state.