Tools We Use

Graphic Facilitation

Visual depiction of a strategic operating model

Graphic facilitation can be used to support virtually any kind of meeting or collaborative session in which group discussion plays an important part. Graphic facilitation enhances the overall impact of a meeting or conference via dynamic and engaging visual representation of what is presented and discussed. By creating a visual storyline and a set of iconic reminders of what is most important, graphic facilitation allows the audience to understand visually and remember more clearly the key elements of the meeting or conference.  In most cases, the graphic facilitator works on a whiteboard at the front of a room, alongside the presenter or panel.

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Collaborative Learning Maps™

Collaborative Learning Map

Many business programs fail on execution because the stakeholders do not understand the big picture and overall context for change. Collaborative Learning Map Programs guide your stakeholders around critical messages and the path forward. Collective Next combines adult learning techniques, interactive activities and compelling graphics into a collaborative experience where participants engage with one another around your key messages. This alternative to PowerPoint presentations and road shows accelerates your efforts, provides greater retention and follow through, and most importantly leverages the contribution of your workforce towards greater alignment, increased engagement, and a much greater chance for program success.

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Visual Communications

Single Frame Communication

We work with you to create highly effective and engaging presentations, as well as internal and external communications.  We meet with you to discuss the objectives of your presentation and synthesize what your presentation/ communication should be – what you want to accomplish, who your audience is, what the key messages are.   We work with you in three dimensions of your presentations: clarity, structure and delivery.

We then work with you to graphically create highly effective, large, visible presentations and messages based on these discussions.  Formats include:
Whiteboard “tradeshow” presentations - An engaging, interactive visual & graphic alternative to the “standard” large group Powerpoint presentation
Electronic tradeshows - Graphically handrawn tradeshow presentations, created prior to your session and printed large scale.  Modifiable for future use – ideal for presentations and messaging which can be used for many audiences such as communicating key messages to employees or clients

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Our facilitation team enables our clients’ session participants to focus, think creatively, and develop practical, actionable solutions to their most tenacious business problems. We employ a variety of facilitation techniques in order to enable our clients to “think better.”

  • Active inquiry to elicit key information, expose the true complexity of the issue, and surface any hidden assumptions
  • Brainstorming and related idea generation activities
  • Design of the proper environmental elements to facilitate the work at hand
  • Balance of divergent and convergent thinking to foster innovation and decision-making
  • Appreciative inquiry, leveraging past success to inform future state design
  • Iterative design cycles and rapid prototyping
  • Synthesis and recording of the dialog to help with communications, alignment and execution

Fact Books

A Fact Book is a compilation of information, data and analysis required to facilitate fact-based decision making. A Fact Book may contain useful information like customer data, competitor benchmarking, or industry trends. It is not meant to provide answers to questions, but rather provide the fact base for a collaborative session where the participants combine the facts with their individual expertise to build the optimal solution.