Solution Areas

Design Sessions
Collective Next provides the design and facilitation of collaborative one- to three-day design sessions that bring together the right people to focus on designing solutions to their organization’s most complex challenges and opportunities. While each session is custom designed to meet your specific outcomes, here are a few examples of the types of sessions we design and deliver:

Annual strategic planning
New product development
Operational improvement and optimization
Scenario planning and competitive war gaming
Organizational transformation

Collaborative Learning MapTM Programs
Many business programs fail on execution because the stakeholders do not understand the big picture and overall context for change. Collaborative Learning MapTM Programs guide your stakeholders toward critical messages and the path forward. Collective Next combines adult learning techniques, interactive activities and compelling graphics into a collaborative experience where participants engage with one another around your key messages. This alternative to PowerPoint presentations and road shows accelerates your efforts, provides greater retention and follow through, and most importantly leverages the contribution of your workforce towards greater alignment, increased engagement, and a much greater chance for program success.

Information Design and Communications
Don’t let your key messages get lost in pages and pages of presentation materials. Whether it’s a presentation to your Board of Directors or a customer marketing pitch, it is important to ensure your communication truly resonates with your audience. Collective Next can help you synthesize your next presentation into a graphically engaging high impact single frame or model. We combine your expertise of the subject matter with our multi-disciplinary skills to simplify your message and bring it to life in pictures and words. We work with you in a collaborative way to help you articulate the key messages and images that support your ideas, in order to extract the right level of detail for your audience.

Highly Interactive Conferences
Exceed the expectations of your audience at your next client or employee conference by moving beyond the typical presentation-driven event. Collective Next can help you design your ideal event so that the participant experience matches the objectives you have set for the event, ensuring that your key messages are well understood, real dialog occurs amongst attendees, and that people leave the conference excited, aligned and mobilized into action.

Facilitation and Presentation Coaching
On average employees spend upwards of 65% of their time in meetings. To protect that huge investment of your employee’s time you should ensure that those meetings are designed and facilitated at the highest levels. Collective Next offers a full suite of facilitation and meeting design training. We offer basic training for those just beginning facilitation, coaching and mentoring for the more advanced facilitator, and meeting design and agenda building for complex problem solving.