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Virtual Meeting Facilitation
Facilitating Virtual Experiences
Our virtual solutions include content-rich, interactive offsites, workshops, conferences, and learning experiences, complete with facilitated breakout discussions and creative support

Re-inventing Virtual Workshops
Case Study: How we're helping our client roll out a new Diversity and Inclusion strategy to 100+ stakeholders around the world with a series of dynamic virtual workshops

Collective Next Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording
10 Strategies for Better Virtual Meetings
It's challenging to find effective and engaging ways to collaborate in the absence of face-to-face meetings. We've been working in the virtual meeting space for over a decade and we're glad to share these ten strategies for upping your virtual facilitation game.

Virtual Graphic Facilitation
Virtual Graphic Facilitation + Scribing
We use graphic facilitation to capture insights, develop ideas, and create powerful visual narratives. We offer a full spectrum of support for events of all sizes, from small meetings to global conferences.

Our Creative Portfolio
We craft great stories and activate audiences by creating inspiring, entertaining and engaging visual communications.

The Collective Next Team
We are a diverse group of facilitators, artists, creative-problem solvers, and collaborators who are committed to our customers' growth.