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Making Connections with Pop-Up Podcasting

Making Connections with Pop-Up Podcasting

Kathy Clemons's picture
Kathy Clemons
May 18th, 2016

We recently designed and facilitated one of our biggest sessions of the quarter: an annual multi-day off-site for the top 300 leaders of a financial services company.

We are always aiming to stay fresh with our approach to creating engaging, quality activities and content. This year for this exciting session, we brought pop-up podcasting booths. Designed by our Katherine Gorman (Here and Now, Talking Machines), these mini-studios, five in all, were installed throughout the space. Over the course of the session, we popped into the booths to chat with participants and capture the stories unfolding, and their personal connections to the themes of the event. Our producer is now working her audio magic to bring the session to life for those who weren’t able to attend in person.

My favorite part? Listening to our clients describe the great work of their teams and share stories about what inspires them.

Photo at the top: Dave Rutley and I take a test run.


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