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Welcome to the Collective Next Cards

Welcome to the Collective Next Cards

Jimmy Guterman
June 23rd, 2014

Collective Next Manifesto card instructions

See update at the bottom of this post!

Let’s set the wayback machine to last summer. During our middle-of-the-year all-hands extravaganza, one of our breakout groups explored different ways we could share, both with our clients and with our extended network of collaborators, the lessons and approaches that are most important to us. During that spirited session, we came up with a series of imperatives that defined how we try to work, with our clients, with our collaborators, and among ourselves. We also decided to keep each lesson brief and open-ended, so people reading them could consider and discuss how they try to live up to them.

After considering various forms, we decided to make and distribute these as oversized trading cards, designed by our Evan Wondolowski. If the initial reaction is any indication, our collaborators and clients have found them useful and provocative. We hope you will as well. 

As our founder and CEO Matt Saiia notes:

“At Collective Next, we help our clients set and execute strategies that improve business performance. We have delivered more than 1,000 successful collaborative engagements across a wide variety of industries. The Collective Next Cards can help your team consider some of the big imperatives we explore with our clients. Guidelines on the cards like ‘Share’ and ‘Make New Mistakes’ may seem straightforward, but we’ve learned that they yield surprises, too. Such open-ended instructions often lead to spirited discussion and collaboration. ‘Don’t Go It Alone,’ for example, may mean something different to you than it does to the colleague sitting next to you. The magic comes when you compare those individual definitions and work, together, toward something you might never have gotten to by yourself. We hope you’ll use these cards to inspire creativity and innovation that will help you and your team come together, think better, and move forward.” 

We’re going to spend the summer serving up all the cards (so far). In each entry, we’ll display a new card and include notes by one of us at Collective Next sharing what it means to him or her.

We hope you’ll want to collect ‘em all. Come back tomorrow for the first one!

UPDATE: We’ve completed the series. In chronological order, here’s a list of each card here as we published ‘em:

Make New Mistakes

Everything Speaks

Be Curious

Hone Your Craft


Go the Right Speed


Be Human

Think Inside the Box

Be Courageous

If It Works, Work It

Look Both Ways

Own It

Test Yourself, Trust Yourself

Don’t Blame

Don’t Go It Alone

Feed the Animals


Be Optimistic

Make Ambiguity Your Friend

Nurture, Don’t Nuke

Step Up

Be Contagious


Check Your Anchors




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