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Katherine Gorman and Geoff Amidei's picture
Katherine Gorman and Geoff Amidei
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
This year’s TEDxBoston speakers gave us a unique vantage point into how the reality of machine learning and artificial intelligence is changing the world around us in ways that we see and ways that we don’t see. In partnership with our co-sponsor Fidelity Investments, Collective Next provided speaker coaching and script development, in-depth design/production of talk visuals, and overall content curation. We were the emcees (Geoff Amidei, Senior Principal + Katherine Gorman, Podcast... More
Mason Smith's picture
Mason Smith
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
TEDxSpringfield brought an inspiring, provocative lineup of speakers to the stage once again at their fifth annual event on October 7. Our graphic facilitators were there to provide real time scribing for each session. We are happy to share their images with you here.
Katherine Gorman's picture
Katherine Gorman
Monday, October 10, 2016
TEDxBoston 2016 explored artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML), a field of exciting, exponential growth. As curators, we sought to bring a greater understanding of how this technology works, how it’s changing our lives, and most importantly, the research being done to create these tools.Our guests covered topics from the evolution of deep learning to some of the cutting edge applications of this technology in medicine and healthcare.Suchi Saria, professor of public health... More
John Colaruotolo's picture
John Colaruotolo
Sunday, October 25, 2015
My team and I have had the opportunity to scribe the talks at TEDxKids and TEDxSMU for the past few years. It’s a two-day session that takes place at the Dallas City Performance Hall. TEDxKids@TEDxSMU is day one, followed by TEDxSMU (proper, for grown ups) on day two.We always expect a great deal of inspiring talks and new friendships to form with like-minded idea-makers, big and small/young and not so. This year’s speakers were excellent, as expected, and I’ll share some of my... More