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Bree Sanchez

Sr. Art Director, Editorial Director
SF Bay, CA
What are you most passionate about in your job?

I love a transformation. Time and again, we encounter people who are anxious and closed up, holding their best ideas inside—but something exciting happens when they experience our process and environment. They are invited into a new way of engaging and they emerge feeling lighter and optimistic. That’s really satisfying. And I live for creative transformation. When I see terrible PowerPoint slides or a sad poster, I immediately want to start rearranging the story, nuking bullets and simplifying the graphics. My husband knows not to show me his slides after 6pm; I’ll stay up too late making them over.

What's a work of art that changed your life (and why)?

I will never forget seeing Barbara Kruger’s mural on the south wall of the Temporary Contemporary, MOCA, Los Angeles (1990-92). I was in high school. My parents would take me to LA to experience “culture” (museums, food, people; I grew up in a very fairly small town). When we’d pass this building, I was just in awe. Here’s a link to the piece. It really changed my idea of the work of art in the world.

What is your secret superpower?

Toddler tantrum tolerance. My unflappability is fierce.



I love how Bree makes it easy for people to try new things.

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Mary Choi Smith