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Geoff Amidei

Senior Principal
Boston, MA
What are you most passionate about in your job?

Helping clients find their voices

Who was/is your favorite pet?

My first dog, Storm, was a mix of terrier breeds, or, as my brother and I put it, “a mixed-up terrier.” He had a white streak on his forehead that my brother and I thought resembled a lightning bolt. Storm barked incessantly, climbed trees, and once bit a priest in the foot.

What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you while traveling for Collective Next?

On a trip to London, the airline lost my luggage. My bag was not going to show up before I had to meet with clients, so I had to go shopping. I had no idea where to go. I explained my situation to my cabbie, and he decided to function as my personal shopper. At one point I found him considering a collection of pajamas. When I walked up, he turned and said, “Sir, will you be needing a sleeping suit?”





G is an uber-intelligent and unassuming paræmiographer.

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Mason Smith