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Graphic Facilitation / Graphic Recording / Scribing

Graphic Facilitation is the art of capturing the salient points from a discussion and modeling them visually, often in “real time.” Graphic Facilitation can enhance the overall impact of a meeting, work group or conference by generating a dynamic and engaging visual representation of what is presented or discussed. It can be used to support any meeting or collaboration session to:

  • + Create a real-time reference during conversation, to help the group make connections and stay on track
  • + Increase comprehension and memory of the content and conversation
  • + Provide a visual artifact for longer-term reference

We use Graphic Facilitation to make our Collaborative Sessions more impactful, and we believe that anyone can learn these fundamental skills to help enhance the creativity and effectiveness of their teams and organizations. Learn about our approach to Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, and Scribing here.