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We couple rigorous facilitation with a robust creative process that lets true collaboration and innovation emerge.


We are a team of world class facilitators who specialize in aligning groups and accelerating work.


We unlock creativity
by bringing together
the right team with the right process.


We create the environment that allows your team to build the optimal solution for your organization.

solution areas

Design Sessions

Collective Next designs and facilitates collaborative one-to-three-day design sessions for large and small groups. We bring together the right people to focus on creating solutions to their organization’s most complex challenges and opportunities. Each session is custom-designed to meet specific outcomes. Our focus areas include:

  • + Strategic planning
  • + New product development
  • + Operational improvement and optimization
  • + Client advisory and co-design engagements
  • + Vision and culture design and development

Information Design and Communications

Collective Next partners with our customers to create powerful and compelling narratives that inspire and engage targeted audiences with key ideas and messages. We transform traditional didactic presentations into engaging stories that harness the message (the story), the medium (how it is told), and the meeting (where it is told) to create a powerful and unique experience. Our creative services cover the range of singleframe infographics and storyboards, high-impact presentations, interactive apps and documents, and animated videos. Additionally, we offer presentation and story-telling coaching to ensure that our customers are prepared to tell the best story of their life. Collective Next creates individual assets or comprehensive campaigns that bring our customers stories to life in the hearts and minds of their associates and their customers.

Graphic Facilitation / Graphic Recording / Scribing

Graphic Facilitation is the art of capturing the salient points from a discussion and modeling them visually, often in “real time.” Graphic Facilitation can enhance the overall impact of a meeting, work group or conference by generating a dynamic and engaging visual representation of what is presented or discussed. It can be used to support any meeting or collaboration session to:

  • + Create a real-time reference during conversation, to help the group make connections and stay on track
  • + Increase comprehension and memory of the content and conversation
  • + Provide a visual artifact for longer-term reference

We use Graphic Facilitation to make our Collaborative Sessions more impactful, and we believe that anyone can learn these fundamental skills to help enhance the creativity and effectiveness of their teams and organizations. Learn about our approach to Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, and Scribing here.

Highly Interactive Conferences

Collective Next designs and delivers highly interactive and engaging conferences and offsites. From internal Senior Leadership Offsites and Annual All Hands meetings to Customer Engagement and Client Advisory events, we bring the power of collaborative interactions, dynamic content creation and presentation, and stimulating engagement to create an overall experience unlike any other. Some elements that we incorporate into Interactive Conferences include:

Design and Facilitation Training

On average employees spend upwards of 65% of their time in meetings. To protect that huge investment of your employee’s time you should ensure that those meetings are designed and facilitated at the highest levels. Collective Next offers a full suite of facilitation and meeting design training.  We offer basic training for those just beginning facilitation, coaching and mentoring for the more advanced facilitator, and meeting design training for complex problem solving. We also offer Graphic Facilitation bootcamps to help facilitators and meeting organizers use visual thinking to create better and more usable outcomes.

Collaborative Learning Map™ Programs

Many business programs fail on execution because the stakeholders do not understand the big picture and overall context for change. We design and produce Collaborative Learning Map™ programs, which empower teams and organizations to align to key strategic messages, identify the behaviors and capabilities, and foster the commitment and passion necessary to collectively move forward. We combine adult learning techniques, interactive activities, and engaging visuals into a collaborative experience where participants engage with one another to broaden and deepen their understanding. Our Collaborative Learning Map™ programs accelerate development efforts, provide greater retention and follow-through, and harness organizations’ collective power to learn, grow, and succeed.

Podcast Development and Production

Collective Next approaches podcasting with a public media sensibility. We believe that focusing on the human impact of every story can give even the most removed audience a look inside a complex topic and or a complicated issue. Bringing to bear our expertise in synthesis, coaching, and storytelling, we partner with clients to develop, pilot, and produce compelling, high quality podcasts for both internal and public audiences. We employ a variety of styles, from highly produced sound rich environments to straightforward clear conversations, to bring our stories to life. More information and audio samples…