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Erin King

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Sometimes you get in a rut. You feel uninspired or stuck or like maybe you’ve “lost it.” Maybe you’re a little rusty and don’t trust your skills anymore.

Maybe all you need is a little inspiration. I recently got to scribe at a session for with Nathaniel Bellows. My partner in scribing crime has a style that is wildly different from mine. He’s all swirls, and perfectly drawn characters and animals that...

Mike LaRhette

Trolling a couple of good discussion boards on the discipline of Design Thinking, inevitably someone will ask the group: “Know any good books on design thinking?” The ensuing thread usually makes reference to some timeless classics as well as a good book that may have just been released. No self-promoting authors promoting their works, just recommendations from discussion group participants. The Design Thinking LinkedIn group, as well as the Design...