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Mason Smith

While perusing LinkedIn Today, we were intrigued by a notion posited by none other than Reid Hoffman, Cofounder and Chairman of LinkedIn. In the executive summary of his presentation “The Start-Up of You”, Hoffman encourages people to adopt a mindset of “permanent beta.” We were both drawn to this concept like moths to a flame, and curiously repelled.


Tricia Walker

Did you happen to watch the Republican Response to the State of the Union this past Tuesday? Would you believe that there is an instructive lesson for practitioners of applied collaboration to be gleaned from that now slightly ill-famed speech? No, really. There is.


David Rutley

Today at Transcribe we explored the yearly question related to resolutions – what does it take to sustain change?

Whether at an individual level or an organizational level the levers are very much the same:

  • Desire and willingness to change
  • Motivation – understanding not just what the change is, but WHY you want to make it
  • Structures to reinforce, track, and sustain
  • An understanding that a fallback is not the same as a ...
John Colaruotolo

One of the recent Inauguration events (Beyoncé using a pre-recorded track while performing the national anthem) spurred a discussion on the concept of preparedness versus on-the-fly improvisation. In the midst of this discussion, we recalled Les Vygotsky’s “Zone of Proximal Development,” a widely used model by educators which refers to the point where one can effectively stretch his abilities and increase his capabilities. Taking that, and sliding over to the...

John Colaruotolo

In December, CN supported TEDxKids and TEDxSMU in sunny Dallas, TX. It was great weekend as lots of speakers who have been on the main TED stage came to Dallas to spread their ideas centered on this year’s tagline: “re:THiNK.” On Friday November 30, over 500 middle school kids had the opportunity to attend a 1/2 day TEDx event, listen to talks tailored for their age group, and experience all of...