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Katherine Gorman

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Shared stories unite people. They build community. We human beings have communicated values through storytelling from our earliest times. Even as technology...

Hamilton Ray and Dave Rutley

We have devoted an entire year to discussing Meaningful Change and how best to achieve it. What you may have noticed is that we did not talk about change management. Why? Quite simply, we...

David Rutley

Today at Transcribe we explored the yearly question related to resolutions – what does it take to sustain change?

Whether at an individual level or an organizational level the levers are very much the same:

  • Desire and willingness to change
  • Motivation – understanding not just what the change is, but WHY you want to make it
  • Structures to reinforce, track, and sustain
  • An understanding that a fallback is not the same as a ...
Tricia Walker

How long is 150 years? Sure, it’s a decent span of time. But consider that only in the last 150 years, two very important decisions were made:

  • Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865. (147 years ago!)
  • Women were given the right to vote in 1920. (92 years ago!)

How about 40 years? Now we’re talking within our own lifetime! Consider that only in the last 40 years, these decisions were made:

  • Homosexuality was...
John Colaruotolo

Every Friday, we here at Collective Next attempt to practice what we preach and gather together to think better and move innovative ideas forward. Today we were inspired by this TED Talk by Terry Moore describing his epiphany regarding the best way to tie your shoes.

Terry Moore bought an expensive pair of shoes, yet the shoelace kept untying. The salesman informed Moore that he was tying his shoe...

Mike LaRhette

Either you could do it or you couldn’t – simple as that.  Maybe you happened upon the six sides in alignment once or twice but weren’t sure how you got there.  You most assuredly achieved one-sided alignment in a relatively short period of time but perhaps gave up the rest after 20 minutes of...