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Katherine Gorman

podcast podcasting organization organizational storytelling narrative facilitation communication internal story

Shared stories unite people. They build community. We human beings have communicated values through storytelling from our earliest times. Even as technology...

Marsha Dunn

visual tools scriibng graphic facilitation visual thinking collaboration
“I’ve had the experience of walking into a client’s office a year and half after we did a session with them and finding that the giant foam core boards containing our single frame visuals are still up on the wall, and still...

Mason Smith

Clarity is an essential and often overlooked ingredient of effective collaboration. While brainstorming ideas for our Transcribe conversation, the group became very interested in investigating the effect of Business Speak (BS) or buzz words on collaboration.

Buzz words tend to be considered the slop of language, obfuscating meaning and hindering progress. Yet, they can also promote clarity. Buzz words begin as short hand, effectively communicating...

Geoff Amidei

First, let me state for the record that I am not a Luddite. I am in fact a proponent of the nascent but rapidly evolving practice of virtual collaboration. I like technology, and innovation. And I believe that eventually, when the technology and available bandwidth catches up, there will be truly extraordinary power and value in virtual collaboration. Take advantage of the 24-hour clock. Keep...