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Matt Saiia

One of my favorite assignments from college came in an advanced drawing class. We were asked to work in pairs and create a series of images that represented both of us. Most pairs produced visual mash-ups of their individual styles, but something curious happened with our work. My partner and I created a set of images that were not only stylistically departures from our personal sensibilities, but they also could not be deconstructed into either of our...

Mary Choi Smith

How many times in a week do you hear the phrase “out of the box thinking”? And how many times do you actually see evidence of its application?

You only get out of the box if you get out of your box. For example, if you’re interested in innovative ideas to expand your customer base using social media, don’t just read the latest HBR article on why Twitter is or isn’t here to stay or browse the business books section at Barnes and Noble....

Kathy Clemons

On his blog, Jonah Lehrer discusses the impact of distraction on creativity. The study he reacts to describes a high level of distractibility, that inability to avoid eavesdropping at a party, “low latent inhibition.” So, if you are practicing latent inhibition, you are able to focus and channel your attention. The study evaluated students with low latent...