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John Colaruotolo

Presentations are the primary mode of communication for some of the brightest and best ideas in an organization. Yet, presentation-making is not something that comes...

Marsha Dunn

visual tools scriibng graphic facilitation visual thinking collaboration
“I’ve had the experience of walking into a client’s office a year and half after we did a session with them and finding that the giant foam core boards containing our single frame visuals are still up on the wall, and still...

Gordon Eby

Okay, I’ll say it: The philanthropic community often lags when it comes to innovation. So much of today’s technology and resources are focused on increasing efficiency and generating revenue, which leaves charities, non-profit organizations, and charitable foundations behind. There is, however, a...

Kathy Clemons
When you first walk into TED2012 Full Spectrum at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, you might not notice the thousands of strings strung between the stairs on the second and third levels. It’s a hazy rainbow colored mist. As you get closer, however, it begins to undulate and swirl, and you realize that each layer of color is made of dozens of carefully strung threads, all aligned and strategically spaced.
Tricia Walker

It occurred to me while I was preparing to carve our Halloween pumpkin last week: when did the expectation for an elaborate and detailed pumpkin character get so…high? When did the era of the jolly old Jack-O-Lantern end and the super snazzy CGI effects worthy pumpkin begin? I think the game changed somewhere around the time stores started carrying the “Pumpkin Masters” carving sets. If you’re not familiar, let me explain. There are specialized pumpkin carving...