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Bree Sanchez

Once again this year, we had the privilege to partner with the legendary Peter Vander Auwera to design and facilitate Innotribe at Sibos. Innotribe’s action- and idea-packed four-day, 24-session program concluded last Thursday. A diverse range of speakers delighted, inspired, and provoked audiences with...

Gordon Eby

Okay, I’ll say it: The philanthropic community often lags when it comes to innovation. So much of today’s technology and resources are focused on increasing efficiency and generating revenue, which leaves charities, non-profit organizations, and charitable foundations behind. There is, however, a...

Jimmy Guterman

Collective Next cards


Every time we think we’ve gotten all we’re going to get out of the Collective Next Cards, we find a new way to get them out.

The Collective Next Cards started as a project we hatched during an all-hands event to explore different ways...