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John Colaruotolo

We started the day by asking everyone to describe what their trusted sources are for information and advice about their health. We got quite a lot of responses both on Facebook and in person, and on the wall of our project space. Not surprisingly the range included things like family, friends, Google, web sources, and doctors. A little more surprisingly, though, there were several threads that were about people being afraid that their own ability to judge for...

Kathy Clemons

A couple of weeks ago, at the Fred Forum, I heard Col. Bernie Banks talk about the importance of reflection in West Point’s education model. They provide three kinds of learning to their cadets: new knowledge, experience and reflection. Their cadets get a combination of theory, application, and then the time to reflect and integrate what they’ve ...

Mary Choi Smith

How many times in a week do you hear the phrase “out of the box thinking”? And how many times do you actually see evidence of its application?

You only get out of the box if you get out of your box. For example, if you’re interested in innovative ideas to expand your customer base using social media, don’t just read the latest HBR article on why Twitter is or isn’t here to stay or browse the business books section at Barnes and Noble....