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Tricia Walker

ifvp, graphic facilitation, scribing, boston, international forum for visual practitioners

There are elements that are somewhat universal to corporate conferences: catered meals, name badges (often with additional flair such as buttons, ribbons, stickers or flashy lanyards), keynote...

Marsha Dunn

With this piece we kick off our series, Leading by Listening. In the coming months we will explore the important role that listening plays in an organizational context.

“…We are remembering that we are listening creatures and the world
that we have...

Kathy Clemons

We recently designed and facilitated one of our biggest sessions of the quarter: an annual multi-day off-site for the top 300 leaders of a financial services company.

We are always aiming to stay fresh with our approach to creating engaging, quality activities and content....

Bree Sanchez

If you follow the riveting world of graphic facilitation and visual literacy very closely, as I do, then A) Yay, we found each other! and B) You already know that...

John Colaruotolo

This is the second post in our Music and Collaboration series.

In our last music and collaboration post, we looked at Miles Davis. In the 1950s and 60s when Miles was experimenting with new ways to collaborate with his friends in the jazz idiom, composer Terry Riley was also experimenting with new ways to collaborate in music outside of the jazz idiom. Specifically, he was interested in how...

John Colaruotolo

This is the first post in our Music and Collaboration series.

There is a man with a trumpet. He plays a tune. He likes how it sounds. He wants to make the tune better, so he finds some friends, and they play the same tune all together. It sounds different, but it also sounds good when they play together as opposed to just the man with the trumpet. They play the tune again,...