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Mason Smith

Every Friday, we here at Collective Next attempt to practice what we preach and gather together to think better and move innovative ideas forward. Today we were inspired by this Washington Post article describing a social experiment involving one of the world’s premier musicians, the Washington DC metro, and “one of the most intricate pieces ever written with a violin that is worth $3.5 million.”

Joshua Bell,...

Geoff Amidei

As with most practitioners of the art and science of applied collaboration, we owe philosophical, intellectual, and methodological homage to many sources. One such source is MG Taylor Corporation, and one of their specific contributions to the canon came in the early 1980’s when they introduced a list of 14 axioms they used in their...

Kathy Clemons

On his blog, Jonah Lehrer discusses the impact of distraction on creativity. The study he reacts to describes a high level of distractibility, that inability to avoid eavesdropping at a party, “low latent inhibition.” So, if you are practicing latent inhibition, you are able to focus and channel your attention. The study evaluated students with low latent...