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Jimmy Guterman

Yesterday we shared with you Tricia Walker’s scribing of the Monica Lewinsky talk at TED2015. Today we’re delighted to let you see some more of our work.

Longtime member of our network Michelle Wright scribed three talks, in different ways. She captured children’s rights activist (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Kailash Satyarthi’s talk about transforming anger into something ...

Jimmy Guterman

Lewinsky TED Talk, as scribed by Collective Next's Tricia Walker

There were plenty of ideas worth spreading at TED this year, with big topics ranging from redesigning the experience of...

Jimmy Guterman

Design Museum Boston

We’ve been part of a lot of great talks over five years at TEDxBoston (and we’ll announce the sixth year in this space very, very soon), but one of our favorites is Sam Aquillano’s strong, energetic talk about...

Jimmy Guterman

Last week TED had its first solid event in its new home in Vancouver, and we at Collective Next scribed many of the talks. Enjoy a bunch of our favorites:

Jennifer Senior, TED2014, scribed by Tricia Walker

Jennifer Senior, TED2014, scribed by...

Jimmy Guterman

Last weekend, Collective Next supported TEDxSMU with two days of scribing. We’ll catch up with John Colaruotolo, Katie Dwyer, and Evan Wondolowski about their work and their impressions of the event. For now, we in the office are quite taken by this time-lapse video of what you would have seen if you spent a day at TEDxSMU watching our scribes in...

Mason Smith

We facilitate many sessions all around the world from President Obama’s Commencement speech in Kalamazoo, Michigan to events in Brussels and Asia. Most of these sessions last one to three days, but you never know when or where the scribing done during the event will end up. Some organizations display it in their offices, some use it to continue to communicate ideas, and some use it to announce the launching of a new product.


Erin King

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Sometimes you get in a rut. You feel uninspired or stuck or like maybe you’ve “lost it.” Maybe you’re a little rusty and don’t trust your skills anymore.

Maybe all you need is a little inspiration. I recently got to scribe at a session for with Nathaniel Bellows. My partner in scribing crime has a style that is wildly different from mine. He’s all swirls, and perfectly drawn characters and animals that...

Kate Dwyer

I doodle. A lot.

In fact, I actually get paid to doodle. Creating fresh graphic representations of information is a huge part of my work life, and doodling is part of my early design process.

Doodling is one of the ways I brainstorm. I use it to communicate concepts and draft thinking to colleagues and clients. In fact, doodling has become my preferred form of expression, communication, and note...