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Kathy Clemons

We recently designed and facilitated one of our biggest sessions of the quarter: an annual multi-day off-site for the top 300 leaders of a financial services company.

We are always aiming to stay fresh with our approach to creating engaging, quality activities and content....

Marsha Dunn with Geoff Amidei

story storytelling narrative organizational change strategy strategic offsites presentations

Below is the fifth installment of our multi-part series entitled The Narrative Universe. In this series we explore how we humans construct our world—even our professional world—...

Mike LaRhette

Collective Next has run hundreds of strategic offsites over the years and while each one presents its own unique challenges in both design and delivery, there are a few guiding design principles we try to use when approachin them with our clients.  Here are five basic no-no’s we strive to maintain.

No PowerPoint
PowerPoint has been an easy target for years so this should be no surprise that it tops our list.  Nothing new here...