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Mason Smith

Collective Next recently launched an open conversations series dedicated to finding—and inventing—best practices around the way we work now. Our first discussion, Working Better, Virtually, yielded a lively and engaged conversation about our...

Bree Sanchez

Along with other parents of school-age children, I have found many virtual water cooler conversations these days revolving around the new, unexpected, and daunting task of “homeschooling.” Being an effective teacher is part art, part science, and at least 50% magic—or rather, wisdom that only comes with experience. As we bemoaned our inability to deliver on our outsized expectations, we started to recognize a pattern in the challenges we are facing:

Kristen Bailey

[Image: Virtual breakout groups collaborated using an i­­­nteractive template that was completed on a shared screen and reported back to the full group]

Our client, a Fortune 100 company, needed to develop a three-year Diversity & Inclusion (D&I...

Liz Ball and Renee Piazza

With global eyes watching COVID-19 and limitations on travel, companies need effective and engaging ways to collaborate in the absence of face-to-face meetings. In-person gatherings have unique benefits, but by combining new technology with appropriate facilitation, your company...

David Rutley


Hamilton Ray

In “Why Face to Face Meetings Matter,” Professor Richard D. Arvey cites numerous studies to make his case. While there is an obvious need to control costs in the face of almost constant meetings, there will always be situations where the effectiveness of meeting in person outweighs the cost savings of meeting virtually.

Granted, the tools for virtual...