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Bree Sanchez

We spend a lot of time exploring collaboration, creativity, and the power of visual communication in our work, as well as on our blog and podcast. If those are the “...

Kathy Clemons

In the past 2-20,000 years, the power of storytelling and its value as a strategic tool has been widely...

Jimmy Guterman

(This is one of a series of posts we’re running on what inspires us as facilitators and designers here at Collective Next.)

We’re wired to tell stories and respond to them. This may be true literally, as evolutionary biology suggests. Or...


At eight years old I was presented with a book that would dramatically impact my life several times over. In my adolescent hands it was huge and heavy; its hard covers seemed to have existed forever. Most avid readers will fondly recount canonic classics or nostalgic favorites revisited again and again over the course of one’s life, each time extracting new meaning, relevance and insight. For me, it is not Shakespeare’s Drama, The Old Testament or 1984, but...