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Collective Next at TED

Collective Next and TED

We believe that the world’s most complex problems can only be solved through collaboration and have dedicated ourselves to supporting businesses, organizations and communities in their collective efforts to move great ideas forward. We have a longtime connection to TED. We’ve attended the big show on the west coast for many years, we’ve helped facilitate events at both TED and TEDGlobal, we help curate TEDxBoston, and we’ve spoken on their main stage. One of our longest-lasting involvements with TED is scribing TED Talks, as they happen, in realtime.

The list below represents a sampling of some of our work at TED over the years. You’ll find plenty of examples of our work scribing talks, coaching speakers, and designing presentations.


Scribing TED

More TED2015 Scribing by Collective Next

Collective Next Scribes TED2015

Monica Lewinsky @TED

Collective Next Scribes TED2014

TEDxBoston2013: The Full Record

Thinking Again at TEDGlobal2013

Collective Next Scribes TED2013

Supporting TEDxSMU in Dallas

Can Art Change the World?

Progressive Thinking at TEDActive

Behind the Scenes at TED2012

Modern Day Bards


Coaching and Designing TED

How Our Art Directors Make TED Talks Look So Good

Remembering Xu Liu

TEDxGrinnell and What Happens When Teams Aim High

The Neuroscience of Social Conflict (TEDxBoston2014)

What the Marathon Bombings Meant to Boston (TEDxBoston2014)

Four Ways to Tell a Better Story

How To Give the Talk of Your Life

TEDxBoston2014: The Full Roundup

Anthony Trecek-King, Boston Children’s Chorus, and the Upside of Hating “God Bless America”

Try It Without Notes


TED Talks We Like

(Some of) Collective Next’s Favorite TED Talks


Why TED?

Why I (Still) Go to TED


Other TED Work

Collective Next Contributes to TED Series on Inequality

The Table (not TED, but TED-related)


Finally, we were particularly excited to be a Partner for TED2013. We had a team of facilitators, artists, storytellers, idea generators, and collaborators on the ground in support of the mission of TED through pre-conference workshops, collaboration lunches, and other programming that helped bring the talks to life in meaningful ways for participants. Don’t miss this gallery of photos from the Knight Foundation workshop that we facilitated to explore their Tech for Engagement initiative.